Ethics Management
The entire MACCO family puts effort into every product to achieve the best quality. We strive for the highest quality even for the smallest pars.
Futhermore, we understand managing small parts well will provide the best quality and always move us forward in terms of quality.
MACCO's efforts for the highest quality will always be a part of who we are and what we are about.
Message from macco family
We would like to thank every customer who trusts our technology and quality.
Every member of the MACCO family has a promise to always produce high quality products.
We focus our efforts on developing technology and high quality for your interests.
Moreover, we will serve you with verity of our sevice for you satisfaction.
Warranty Service
All of MACCO's technology, which has not been mentioned in advance for special treatment,
includes a service warranty for 12 months.
For simple feature's problems and service. User's carelessness and damages from delivery will be charged respectively,
to the customers or to the insurance agency of delivery carrier.
Customer Service
All of MACCO's costomers have the right to get all warranty services.
The purchase of extended warranty will provide with all services.
The purchase of extended warranty will provide with all services as right reserved.
The fees and service charges will be covered by us and the different types of service will return with new machines.
Additionally, part exchanging will be performed with a fast mail service and simple manuals are provide.