Automatic and Smart

With its focus in quality, MACCO's technology in many types of products and services is growing for dreaming and challenging the world market.
Customized Service

We help to find the best way to develop automated systems in their customer environment with customized machines. Moreover, MACCO is trying to be the best not only in products, but also in after service.
User Confidence

Without any kind of special skills, the user will become confident when working with the automated system. The automated system requires learning only simple operating techniques. Our automated machines also provide quality in mass production. Minimized error helps to produce a consistency of products and manage the quality at the same time.
Special technology

MACCO's technology is very specialized in machines used for the awning process and is constantly improving them. MACCO offers many processing system: from a basic automated pipe cutting machine to an complicated and highly technical machine for producing fabrics. Automated fabric cutting and welding machines are the most famous machines in our total awning system.
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MACCO is constantly improving the quality of its customers' satisfaction. The potential for progress is very high with the new high technology that DAEYANG incorporates. MACCO has the passion for challenging today and making tomorrow's dreams come true for the world. With a variety of products and customized service, our technology is qualified by MACCO's family and customers. Futhermore, we are concentrating to produce the best quality possible for our worldwide customers. Our most important asset is our relationship with our customers. Utilizing technology and remembers our customer's interests, our intention is to achieve the highest quality products and after service. We like to share information through our website, so take a look around and we hope to see you in near future Thank you.

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Employees of Daeyang
Customers are always first

We always think of our customers first.
Customers' confidence in our products is a top priority.
We also focus on value creation with our customers,
family companies, countries, and society.
High technology

The MACCO family will challenge today's needs and
put their passion into the highest technology with
safety and customer care service in mind.
Worldwide scope

Utilizing high technology, we will move forward expanding our worldwide scope.
MACCO technology will meet customers with the reality of
production and service based on and intention to provide
the best quality and continue our worldwide passion.
MACCO specializes as a total solution for the entire awning process.
We offer automated pipe cutting machines, with the ability for parts of the awning to be continually produced.
In particular, our products cover the complete automation of the entire fabric process and this been celebrated by many MACCO's customers.
From automated fabric cutting machines to sewing of welding machines, the fabric process is a specialization for full automation.
BLIND(Window Shading)
We also specialize in and are further developing automated machines for blind manufacturing.
The entire process is easily controlled with our automated system.
Users are not required to have any special skill, they only need to learn the brief controls for operating the system.
MACCO is introducing many different types of automated machines; from cutting thin fabric,
to cutting thick fabrics and also testing machines. Moreover, customized service is our pride.
We strive to serve our customers and develop the new technologies to always maintain high quality.
Automatic machines
We offer more than just awning and blind machines.
Customized automatic machines are produced with consideration to high technology and tested for quality.
MACCO also provides customized service for other machines such as automatic machines for parts in automobiles.
MACCO listens to customers' need for producing customized automatic machines now, more than ever before.
So, please keep your interests with MACCO.
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Our partner TITAN is using full MACCO 
system for their awning manufacturing.